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Statement of Information

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255 Mandalay Circuit, Beveridge



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G02, 611-621 Sydney Road, Brunswick 


Brunswick East

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206/98 Nicholson Street, Brunswick East



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13 Daisy Drive, Bundoora

14 Betula Avenue, Bundoora

21 Silverash Drive, Bundoora

2/1376 Plenty Road, Bundoora



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1/10 Bursaria Place, Craigieburn

23 Cavalier Drive, Craigieburn

260 Marathon Boulevard, Craigieburn

4 Harper Close, Craigieburn

56 Penhall Drive, Craigieburn

38 Marathon Boulevard, Craigieburn



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1 Vantage Point Boulevard, Doreen 

158 Cookes Road, Doreen

16 Atwood Street, Doreen

19 Vichy Avenue, Doreen

20 Werther Way, Doreen

26 Sligo Street, Doreen 

31 Vidler Avenue, Doreen

52 Towerhill Avenue, Doreen

875 Yan Yean Road, Doreen

17 Gillow Grove, Doreen


Diamond Creek

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Lot 46/18 Serenity Place, Diamond Creek


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112 Lyndarum Drive, Epping

18B Houston Street, Epping

2/309 Findon Road, Epping

2-4 Coulstock Street, Epping

237 Harvest Home Road, Epping

25 Camouflage Drive, Epping

25 Harvest Home Road, Epping

2/14 Anahit Drive, Epping

30 Bradman Terrace, Epping

30 Mareborne Street, Epping

57/1B Jarama Boulevard, Epping

712/719 High Street, Epping

719 High Street, Epping

8 Brigantia Street, Epping

808/719 High Street, Epping

9 Ferntree Close, Epping

914/719 High Street, Epping

Lot 3054 Berrigan Street, Epping

12 Ladislaw Drive, Epping



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1/60 Keilor Road, Essendon



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13 Tucker Street, Fawkner



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LG05/1 Ascot Vale Road, Flemington



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2&3/53 May Street, Glenroy



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101/25-33 Grimshaw Street, Greensborough

103/25-33 Grimshaw Street, Greensborough

106/25-33 Grimshaw Street, Greensborough

107/25-33 Grimshaw Street, Greensborough

109/25-33 Grimshaw Street, Greensborough

203/25-33 Grimshaw Street, Greensborough

208/25-33 Grimshaw Street, Greensborough

G04/25-33 Grimshaw Street, Greensborough



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15 Muirhead Court, Greenvale

73 Clare Boulevard, Greenvale



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1/55-57 Brown Street, Heidelberg


Heidelberg Heights

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18 Haig Street, Heidelberg Heights


Heidelberg West

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23 Catalina Street, Heidelberg West



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25-31 Malcolm Street, Kalkallo

35 Fitzpatrick Circuit, Kalkallo

4 Desmodium Way, Kalkallo

20 Lusco Street, Kalkallo

22 Lusco Street, Kalkallo





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1/25 Dickens Street, Lalor

13/3 Linoak Avenue, Lalor

20 Lynne Street, Lalor

23 Curtin Avenue, Lalor

2/20 Newton Crescent, Lalor

2/30 William Street, Lalor

25/3 Linoak Avenue, Lalor

4 Grenville Walk, Lalor

59/3 Linoak Avenue, Lalor

6 Cromwell Court, Lalor

6 Rotino Crescent, Lalor

7 Kruna Way, Lalor

87/3 Linoak Avenue, Lalor


Meadow Heights

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8 Shankland Boulevard, Meadow Heights



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3204A/8 Franklin Street, Melbourne



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13 Castello Street, Mernda

17 Black Braes Boulevard, Mernda

129 Langdon Drive, Mernda

24 Coliban Drive, Mernda

25 Shepherds Way, Mernda

32 Georgia Drive, Mernda

34 Aleman Green, Mernda

5 Lockhart Street, Mernda

643 Bridge Inn Road, Mernda

9 Zevos Street, Mernda

Lot 136 Burgess Street, Mernda

Lot 13 Hanley Street, Mernda

Lot 172 Burgess Street, Mernda

Lot 5923 Wagonwheel Street, Mernda

14 Autumn Grove, Mernda

410 Masons Road, Mernda

15 Pisa Way, Mernda

Lot 5912 Langdon Drive, Mernda



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17 Nightingale Road, Mickleham

34 Latchford Drive, Mickleham

56 Canning Drive, Mickleham 

68 Docker Circuit, Mickleham


Mill Park

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3/4 Jacoby Court, Mill Park

4 Isabelle Court, Mill Park

5 Bowman Drive, Mill Park

5 Laver Court, Mill Park

66 Woolnough Drive, Mill Park

7/4 Rivergum Drive, Mill Park


Oak Park

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1/198 Waterloo Road, Oak Park



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1/108 McMahon Road Reservoir

15 Merrilands Road, Reservoir

2/3 McComas Street, Reservoir

2/71 Summerhill Road, Reservoir

3/71 Summerhill Road, Reservoir

3/22 O'Connor Street, Reservoir

3/66 Dundee Street, Reservoir

4/22 O'Connor Street, Reservoir

6 St Vigeons Road, Reservoir

80 Tyler Street, Reservoir

89 McMahon Road, Reservoir

91 Delaware Street, Reservoir

80 Tyler Street, Reservoir



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314 Lower Plenty Road, Rosanna


South Morang

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10 Birdseye Parade, South Morang

19 Fuschia Grove, South Morang


20/3 Old Plenty Road, South Morang


22 Palais Crescent, South Morang

22 The Terrace, South Morang

3 Zena Drive, South Morang

34 Mirrabucca Promenade, South Morang

38 Zieria Drive, South Morang

4 Parsley Terrace, South Morang

5B Riverside Drive, South Morang

18 Panton Gap Drive, South Morang

11 Highpoint Drive, South Morang



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18 Pauline Way, Tarneit  (land only)

18 Pauline Way, Tarneit  (house and land)



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1/7-9 Pine Street, Thomastown

1/9 Westall Street, Thomastown

1-4/66 Heyington Avenue, Thomastown

23 Plane Street, Thomastown

38 Highlands Road, Thomastown

52 Mount View Road, Thomastown

56 Cedar Street, Thomastown

8 Mount View Road, Thomastown

9 Loddon Court, Thomastown



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43 Timor Bromley Road, Timor




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Lot 159 Avon Court, Wallan

Lot 713 Sundew Avenue, Wallan

Lot 833 Groundberry Avenue, Wallan

Lot 836 Groundberry Avenue, Wallan



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24 Cressy Street, Werribee



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42 King Parrot Way, Whittlesea



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1 Popran Walk, Wollert

12 Timble Close, Wollert

14 Ryrie Grove, Wollert

25 Linfield Parade, Wollert

3 Popran Walk, Wollert

32 Hidcote Terrace, Wollert

3/16 De Rossi Boulevard, Wollert

Lot 306 Clerkenwell Street, Wollert

Lot 618 Peckham Avenue, Wollert

Lot 643 Limehouse Avenue, Wollert

Lot 644 Limehouse Avenue, Wollert

Lot 649 Limehouse Avenue, Wollert

18 Fulham Way, Wollert


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